Understanding Tyres


Make sure you have the right tyres by understanding what all those letters and numbers mean around the sidewall! Tyre sidewall markings help you to identify, purchase and correctly maintain your tyres. Initially they were only used to help identify the manufacturer or brand of tyre. Over the years, Government legislation has demanded safety markings be posted in order to help buyers know they are getting a legal tyre.

Essential markings include make, size and type (including recommended inflation pressure and direction of rotation). Over the years, additional markings have been added in order to respect the requirements of legislation in the principal areas where UK tyres are used: UK, USA, Australia and Europe.

We’ve put together a helpful diagram (below) to show how to read even the busiest of tyre sidewalls. When searching our site for alloy wheels by vehicle, you will also be presented with a range of suitable tyres based on dimensions and load rating.

Tyre Sidewall Markings